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Special Programs

Students at Thurman Francis Arts Academy create and experience arts integration within a fundamental
model for learning in all disciplines. Students use art as a means of inquiry to become lifelong
learners and creators whose learning leads discovering new relationships. Students make active use
of advanced technology to communicate and learn through inquiry and reflection. Students benefit
from an integrated curriculum that is aligned to the State Curriculum Frameworks and the Rutherford
County Scope and Sequence. Collaboration among teachers provides connections within all disciplines.
Students also participate in the following classes on a 6 week rotating schedule:
I. Visual Arts
This session focuses on arts-based learning while enhancing
skills across the curriculum. Artistic activities include:
painting, sculpting and ceramics. Historical study fosters
creativity and an appreciation of all art forms.

II. Broadcasting/Media Performance
(Computer Technology Grades K-4) Progression skills are
applied in keyboarding, mouse and Microsoft environment
emphasizing Word-processing and Power Point.

III. Cultural Dance
This study enhances and promotes an increased understanding
and appreciation for the origins of dance. Students
research and perform dances of different cultures.

IV. Physical Education
The class trains students to become physically fi t as they
participate in activities that encourage them to become
active youth and adults. Students learn the effects and
importance of physical education throughout their lives.

V. Spanish Language and Culture
Students learn the origin of the Spanish language in an
integrated curriculum. Practice and use of the Spanish language
in daily conversation broadens cultural awareness.

VI. Musical Expression
Teaching students to play instruments and choral performances
is the focus of this session. Students learn to use a
variety of instruments.

• Band – Offered to students in grades 5-8. Concerts and
individual events showcase excellence in performance.
An after-school jazz ensemble is also offered. A Yamaha
keyboard lab provides students with the opportunity to
discover music for a 6 week period.

• String Orchestra – Offered to students in grades
4-8. Students develop a solid foundation in music and
perform throughout the school year.

• Chorus – The select choir is an audition only, entry level choral
experience. Auditions are open to all grade levels to further
the mission of TFAA and to inspire excellence through artistry.