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If Your Child is Sick...

Based on guidance from the Tennessee Department of Health, those individuals displaying fever (>/= 100.4) or two or more potential COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home and may only return when they meet specific criteria. Our school district follows these strict guidelines to protect the safety of our students, families, and staff.  


Your child may return to school when one of the 4 following statements is true: 


1.       A health care provider has confirmed in writing that the illness was NOT COVID-19-related because of an alternative diagnosis. **Other viral illnesses, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, seasonal allergies, and allergic rhinitis do not exclude COVID-19 and are not adequate to authorize return. Documentation is required. 


2.       He/she has had a positive test and isolated for ten days plus twenty-four hours after having no signs or symptoms (including fever).  


3.       He/she has isolated for ten days plus twenty-four hours after having no symptoms, regardless of testing status (positive, negative, or none at all). 


4.       He/she has tested negative while actively having symptoms, has never tested positive at any time during the illness, and any fever has resolved without fever-reducing medications and symptoms have been improving for twenty-four hours. Documentation is required. 


While awaiting any test results or doctor appointments:  

  • Your child must ISOLATE AT HOME. 
  • Your child MAY NOT return to school or school activities while in isolation. 
  • Your child should not leave the home except to obtain medical evaluation.  
  • If there is no choice but to leave the home, your child should wear a cloth face covering and remain at least six feet from others. Your child should not attend group gatherings or attend childcare.  


Should your child develop symptoms that are concerning to you, please contact your child’s medical provider. If you have questions about these instructions, please contact your school or your local health department. 


**Specific rules apply to students who share a home with someone who tests positive or has symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact your school nurse or the local health department if this describes someone in your home.